Motorcycle Half Helmets | Types of Helmets - Part 2

Alright folks, today we’re gonna talk about motorcycle half helmets, especially the pros and cons.  I’ve gotta run out the door, so today’s entry is gonna be a short one.

By the way, the image shown is an hjc motorcycle helmet, the model is the CL-21 Reign Half Helmet.

- Style.  Lots of riders like the look of motorcycle half helmets, and there’s a lot of truth to this.  When you’re cruising along the highway, there are few helmets that have as cool a “low rider” feel to them as half helmets.

- Visibility.  A half helmet doesn’t obstruct your peripheral vision as much as a full face helmet.  There have been a lot of advances in full face helmets with respect to visibility.  I know my Gmax helmet has great peripheral vision.  Nevertheless, a half helmet doesn’t have any material around your eyes, so again, you’ve got that real sense of unobstructed vision.

- Experience.  Riding a motorcycle is a lot about the experience of getting onto that bike and feeling connected with the road and the world around you.  A motorcycle half helmet lets you get that wind in your face without completely sacrificing safety and protection.

- Ease of putting it on.  Sometimes when you’re hopping on your bike for a quick ride, it can feel like a hassle to pull on a full face motorcycle helmet, even it is that pretty little Shoei helmet sitting on your table.


- Safety.  This is the obvious number one con.  A half helmet simply doesn’t afford you nearly as much protection when you get on your motorcycle as a full face helmet does.  A huge percentage of motorcycle crashes involve impacts to the chin and mouth area, and a half helmet provides exactly zero protection.  So, not to be too graphic or anything, but if you’re unlucky enough to be involved in such a crash, you’re pretty much gonna get your mouth and jaw bashed in.  On the other hand, there are always risks to getting onto a motorcycle.  We should all know that and accept it.  So for many people, the risks involved in wearing a half helmet are simply an extension of the risks we all accept when we get onto that bike and ride away.

- Bugs and rocks.  There are few things as unpleasant as getting a fat ol’ bug in the mouth or eye when you’re cruising down the highway.  Unlike a full face helmet, a motorcycle half helmet ain’t gonna do a thing to stop this from happening.  The same can be said for rocks.  Broken cheek bones are not unheard of when a rider comes up beside a semi and gets a flung rock in the face.

- Cold weather.  Trust me on this one, if you live in a cold weather state, you do *not* want to wear a motorcycle half helmet during the winter months!!  It’s cold, and you can get frostbite in about two seconds flat.  (On the other hand, if you live in a hot climate, a half helmet may be a welcome relief from the sometimes stifling heat of a full face helmet).

Well folks, there ya have it.  The short and sweet overview of motorcycle half helmets.


john11 said...

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