Modular Motorcycle Helmets - Types of Helmets, Part 3

Alright folks, it’s time for a quick post about Modular Motorcycle Helmets.  Modular Helmets are also known as flip up helmets, or hybrid helmets. Given that it’s Turkey Day I’m thinking a lot of you may have a long weekend to do some good riding, and if you’re looking for a new motorcycle helmet, you may find that a modular helmet is exactly what you’re looking for.  

Flip Up aka modular helmets are a relatively recent invention in the motorcycle helmet world.  These hybrid helmets first came onto the scene as an answer to the problem of riders wanting the protection of a full face helmet but the convenience of an open face helmet.  For this reason you’ll often see a lot of motorcycle cops wearing modular helmets.  It gives them the ability to lift up the face of their helmet to talk to their victims, ahem, motorists, when they pull someone over.

 The pros and cons of modular helmets are actually a great combo.  With a flip up helmet you do indeed get most of the protection of a full face helmet.  And on the “flip” side (ba dum, ching!) you get some of the pros of a half helmet (though not all of them).  Due to their relatively recent emergence onto the motorcycle scene, there aren’t a lot of crash statistics yet as to how, precisely, modular motorcycle helmets compare to their “official” full face cousins.  However, they do generally seem to offer most of the protection of their non flip-up kin.

Most of the major manufacturers now offer hybrid helmets in their product line. Shoei, hjc, and gmax all offer modular helmets, just to name a few. And, naturally (because it’s now the law), these are all DOT motorcycle helmets, safety approved.

The major downside of a modular helmet is what you would expect: price.  Flip up helmets are generally more expensive than normal full face helmets, so the convenience needs to be worth it to you.  However, if you are willing to shell out a few extra bucks, a modular motorcycle helmet may be a great way to get some of the best of both worlds.


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