Motorcycle Helmets

If you're confused trying to learn about Motorcycle Helmets, read on!

Shopping for Motorcycle Helmets can be a stressful ordeal. After all, Motorcycle Helmets aren’t like shoes, right? When you're shopping for Motorcycle Helmets, you are, in a way, shopping for your life! No one wants to trust their cranium to just any old piece of plastic, after all. And with so many Motorcycle Helmets on the market, it's easy to get overwhelmed.

But there's good news. Most Motorcycle Helmets out there actually do a similar job of protecting you should the worst happen IF you do your homework to find the right Motorcycle Helmet for you. "Homework??" You say. Don't worry, it's the fun kind. After all, Motorcycle Helmets are an important part of our riding experience, and why are we out there to begin with? Most of us would say, at least in part, to have fun. So when we're shopping for Motorcycle Helmets, that should be fun too!

Alright, enough rambling.
So, first and foremost, you only want to shop for Motorcycle Helmets that are certified. What does that mean? Well, there are two types of certification for Motorcycle Helmets: DOT and SNELL.

DOT Motorcycle Helmets 

These have passed the "minimum" safety requirements as stipulated by the Department of Transportation. Motorcycle Helmets that have been through this process will have a DOT sticker somewhere on the helmet (usually at the bottom rear).

SNELL Motorcycle Helmets 

These have undergone the additional certification process of the SNELL organization. And (surprise surprise), SNELL-certified Motorcycle Helmets will have a SNELL sticker on the helmet.

"Important Point 1" (dramatic music): there are custom Motorcycle Helmets out there that haven't been through any safety certification. These Motorcycle Helmets can look really cool but I suggest against buying them. Why? Because there are plenty of cool-looking Motorcycle Helmets on the market that *have* been safety approved, and looking cool is never more important than riding safe.

Important Point 2:

SNELL Motorcycle Helmets are not necessarily any safer than DOT Motorcycle Helmets!

"But I thought SNELL motorcycle helmets were tested more rigorously??"

Well...yes, they are. But due to a lot of boring technical details I won't get into here, the gist of it is that certain design features of SNELL Motorcycle Helmets may counteract any additional safety gained. There are differing opinions on this, and studies have been done by different groups, but the basic point is:

Both DOT and SNELL Motorcycle Helmets are safe enough to wear confidently on the road.

And that's really what we're looking for, right?

So, we’ll leave it there for today. Next time I’ll look at what to consider when shopping for Motorcycle Helmets. Until then, remember that Motorcycle Helmets are the most important gear we wear, so wear it proud!

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I think it is more important to have good solid helmet rather than a stylish helmet

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