Best Motorcycle Helmet

Finding your Best Motorcycle Helmet starts with head shape.

The best motorcycle helmet for you might not be the best motorcycle helmet for someone else. That should come as no surprise, because we’ve all got different shaped heads! So a motorcycle helmet that fits me great, even if it’s your size, might feel strange or uncomfortable for you. Which conveniently brings us to an important point: wearing a motorcycle helmet is about safety, but if you’re not comfortable you can’t be safe.

Just think about it: if you’re riding along the highway with a painful pressure point on your forehead, that’s probably not the best motorcycle helmet for you. Because apart from being painful, it’s distracting. And distraction adds unnecessary risk to your riding experience.

Right then, so if our ongoing quest to help you find the best motorcycle helmet FOR YOU, we start with head shape.

Humans have all sorts of different head shapes, but the mains ones are: round, earth, oval, egg, reverse egg. And since motorcycle helmets have different internal shapes, it’s important to find one that fits your head shape.

Round heads look roughly circular from the front; earth heads are wider than they are tall (think Stewie from Family Guy); oval heads are taller than they are long (like an oval :) egg heads are wider at the top and skinnier at the bottom, and reverse egg heads are wider at the bottom and skinnier at the top. Finding your best motorcycle helmet means finding one that doesn’t fight against your head shape.

Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules here. Most motorcycle helmet manufacturers give only spotty information at best on the internal shape of their helmets. Which means (dum da dum!) you have to try them on! (Imagine that, eh?)

Oh might have to try them on. Older folks don’t tend to be comfortable buying a motorcycle helmet sight unseen. But in my experience if you’re willing to do your research, you can actually buy a motorcycle helmet online without ever trying it on. That’s what I did. And I love my helmet.

So if you’re trying to find your best motorcycle helmet online, you need to find reviews that discuss head shape. Now, like I said, the manufacturers with the best motorcycle helmet websites will already have this information available. But if you can’t find it there, you have to do some more digging. Luckily for you, in the weeks and months ahead I’ll be posting a lot more useful information right here on my website on how to find the best motorcycle helmet for you, including the internal shapes of different brands of helmets.

In my next post, I’ll get deeper into how head shape and sizing should factor into finding your best motorcycle helmet.


Aaron Abraham said...

Motorcycle Helmets are of many different kinds, the best motorcycle helmets have various qualities in them.

Darren Faulkner said...

Yeah I agree to the point that Helmet should fit to your helmet

but I think there are less companies available who can customize helmets

Georgina Baker said...

There are a huge amount of helmets I like, its hard to find the actual best one, I guesss its just personal preferences! :) Personally I like the HJC cage MC-1 its my fav by far..

Robert F. Crocker said...

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Charles C Hagaman said...

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